Mr. Ram Prasad Wagle

Mr. Ram Prasad Wagle

District Coordination Officer

contact: 9852061145

Mr. Ram Prasad Wagle, a public servant with 24 years of experience, is Under Secretary of the Government of Nepal and is currently serving at the Office of District Coordination Committee, Terhathum, in the capacity of District Coordination Officer (Under Secretary). Before joining this office, he worked as the Chief Administrative Officer of Myanglung, Belaka, Panauti, and
Shadananda Municipalities at different times. In his professional life, he has had the experience of being Local Development Officer of different districts and Chief Administrative Officer of different municipalities. Altogether, he spent almost 14 years in the field of development administration. During this time period, he engaged mostly in rural areas, which provided him the opportunity to know the real needs of people and the ground reality of rural life.

Further, he served in the Ministry of Federal Affairs and General Administration, the National Planning Commission, and the Election Commission. As he has to work in close contact with people and different organizations, he can work independently, within a team, and in collaboration with other stakeholders. As a development administrator, he has a long experience
in the preparation, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of annual programs and budgets related to health, education, agriculture, infrastructure development, environmental protection, and many more cross-cutting issues. His current responsibilities are to monitor development and construction projects in the district. He should be involved in the coordination and settlement of disputes between federal and provincial government offices and local levels. Furthermore, carrying out study and research activities for proportional development throughout the district is another major responsibility.

Mr. Wagle holds a Master’s in Public Administration from Tribhuvan University, Nepal. He acquired a Master of Arts in International Relations from Waseda University, Japan, under the prestigious JICA (Japan International Cooperation Agency) scholarship. Throughout his career, he participated in various national and international training courses in diversified fields. During the seminars, he has presented papers regarding waste management and different aspects of planning. Some of his articles have been published in PRASHASAN-a reputed Nepalese journal of public administration (Prashashan Inner Cover, 077-3-10.FH10 ( His expertise includes peace and conflict management, disaster management, governance, planning, monitoring, and evaluation. He has good command of Nepali, English, Japanese, and Hindi. Now he is quite inclined towards research activities in the field in which he is working.


Some major articles, journals and presentations by Mr. Wagle is as stated below :

1.Final presentation of Belaka progress review 2021-22

2.Knowledge and Challenges Toward Disaster Reduction Under Covid-19 in Nepal (2)

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